Why Western Europe is a 2014 Mobile Marketing Hotspot

Why Western Europe is a 2014 Mobile Marketing HotspotMobile marketing is on the rise in Europe and for good reason.

According to the latest eMarketer projections, nearly 50% of all Western European residents will connect to the Internet via mobile in 2014.

Across the continent, consumers are turning to mobile to search and spend, two reasons why businesses large and small throughout Europe will want to begin orchestrating their marketing efforts through the mobile channel.

Among nations in the region, Norway is predicted to lead the pack on mobile connectedness with 63.5% of their population   utilizing a mobile device to access the web at least once per month this year.

Denmark and Sweden aren’t far behind Norway, and 42.7% of Italians are expected to access the internet from their smartphone as well.

Overall, Western Europe should average 48.2% in mobile internet penetration.

The same report projects that the region’s mobile internet user base will grow from 49% to 77.8% between now and 2017.