Why Transactional Emails Are Perfect for Marketing and Promotion

Why Transactional Emails Are Perfect for Marketing and PromotionYear after year, email marketing has not only evaded predictions that the marketing tactic would soon be dead in the water, it’s proven to be exponentially more effective as new resources and strategies help to make email more effectual than in previous years.

So not only is email marketing still relevant in the world of digital marketing, throughout this new year, many companies are increasing their email marketing significantly.

But simply sending out an email is not enough. Like all marketing-related efforts and the considerations behind them, the message must be carefully crafted and its means of delivery must be appropriate.

Businesses, for example, “must keep several factors in mind when using email marketing,” Marc Prosser of BizJournals explains.

This week, Prosser outlined a number of top tips to consider when delving into email marketing this year. First and foremost? Consider the importance of “transactional emails.”

“A store may email clients when merchandise they pre-ordered has arrived,” Prosser writes. “A hotel or restaurant may send out reservation confirmations, and online stores may send out e-receipts for purchases. These e-mails are referred to as transactional emails.”

Transactional emails are perfect for marketing and promotion. One of the main challenges of sending out emails is getting the recipient to open the email. Less than 20 percent of people that receive emails actually click to read them. However, transactional emails have a much higher open-rate — electronically-sent receipts have double the open rate of normal bulk email.

“Small businesses should spend time making sure these emails not only provide the required information, but also include appropriate promotional messaging,” Prosser concludes. “For example, a reservation confirmation email might include information about a restaurant’s upcoming special events or special meals on the weekends.”

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