Why Mobile’s Place in The Classroom is Critical

Why Mobile's Place in The Classroom is CriticalAccording to a new report from The Journal, mobile technology is critical to learning in the classroom.

Citing the most recent studies published on the matter, the report points to the ways in which mobile devices like tablets make a difference in the learning habits of students using these devices in an educational setting.

The studies were conducted by Project Tomorrow and sponsored by Kajeet, a wireless service provider focused exclusively on kids and education. Funding was also provided by Qualcomm through its Wireless Reach initiative.

“Across the board, access to a tablet computer significantly changed the learning environment for the 5th grade students, both in school and at home,” the report summary reads, noting the tangible benefits of having tablets in the hands of students:

  • Students had greater access to learning resources outside of school, an the students’ use of the devices for educational purposes “exceeded expectations”;
  • Teachers increased their communications with students and “creatively used the tablets in a variety of ways to engage students in learning”; and
  • Students changed their learning behaviors as a result of having the devices.

To learn more about the findings, check out the full Journal report here.