Why Mobile Tech is Now on The Handyman's Tool Belt

Why Mobile Tech is Now on The Handyman's ToolbeltIn the last five years, MMW has covered countless ways in which mobile technologies, marketing strategies, and related resources have opened up new and exciting business opportunities for companies of all shapes and sizes. But nowhere is the impact of mobile’s potential more profound than in the most essential yet humble of small town services, including companies and sole proprietors that offer home repair and maintenance services.

As it turns out, the next time you find a handyman in the Yellow Pages (okay, you probably won’t use the yellow pages, but it sounds good here), there’s an excellent chance that the professional who ultimately comes to your door will be equipped with a mobile payments solution.

Case in point: On Thursday, North American Bancard, a credit card processing behemoth, and PayAnywhere, a leading mobile payment solution, confirmed a new partnership with residential and commercial repair, maintenance, improvement and renovation experts Mr. Handyman.

So what does it all mean? Mr. Handyman franchisees will soon be able to grow their businesses by accepting credit and debit cards wherever and whenever.

“We are thrilled that Mr. Handyman has chosen us as their one-stop shop for both storefront and mobile payment processing,” says Gene Schenberg, Vice President of Sales for PayAnywhere. “66% of all point-of-sale payments are now made with credit cards. By partnering with North American Bancard and PayAnywhere, Mr. Handyman is now poised to provide this in-demand payment option to their clients.”

Are you a small business that has incorporated a mobile payments solution into your enterprise? If so, what has been your experience? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.