Why Mobile Marketing is an Important Strategy for your Restaurant Business

Why Mobile Marketing us an Important Strategy for your Restaurant BusinessAccording to Restaurant News, a recent report finds that investing in your mobile strategy should be a priority if you own or operate a restaurant.

The report, Mobile Path To Purchase: The New Shopper Mindset, highlights a few critically important findings.

Check out the summary of tips and tidbits below.

  • Number of smartphone users rivals desktop. Mobile accounts for 51% of time spent online. For restaurants 50% percent for smartphones, 46% for PCs and 4%t for tablets.
  • More than half (60%) of smartphone users use their mobile device to make their purchase decision. Additionally, 42% of shoppers say mobile is the most important medium for their decision.
  • People make purchase decisions on their mobile devices fast. Two-thirds of mobile consumers look to make a purchase the same day; 34% are ready to make their purchase immediately; and 30% want to eat within the hour.
  • Most mobile activity takes place at the start of the purchase decision-making process. For restaurants, 51% of mobile users used their device at the start of the purchase process. 37% use in the middle and 12% at the end to contact a specific restaurant. Almost 25% use their smartphones or tablets through the entire process.

All told, a mobile strategy should involve a responsive design website to optimize the user’s experience and be compatible with different types of mobile platforms.

To increase your restaurant’s visibility on mobile search:

  • Create a mobile Pay-Per-Click advertising program targeting ads about your restaurant to mobile users searching for restaurants like yours.
  • Tell your customers about your mobile site and all of its tools/functionality through email, social media, postcards, digital signage, or through blogging.
  • Offer opt-in mobile coupons giving users exclusive access to your coupons when they enter their email address.
  • Submit to mobile search engines and directories and let them know about your mobile website. This is a free and easy step.
  • Create a mobile app. Design a mobile app allowing your mobile users to manage their dining experience, such as giving them the ability to reserve a table, place an order and pay their bill.