Why Mobile Marketers Must Remember Australia

Why Mobile Marketers Must Remember AustraliaMobile marketers must not forget Australians in the New Year. After all, they’re truly among the most connected people in the world. And their accessibility to marketers in the mobile channel has never been grater.

According to the latest data from Nielsen, 38% of Australian households now have four (or more) connected devices in their homes.

To support the increase in online content consumption, marketers have slowly shifted their marketing dollars toward this medium. Today, online advertising sees 27% of the total ad spend pie—up eight-fold from 3% in 2003.

“Having more than 16 years of historical data from the annual Australian Connected Consumers report allows us to see how trends have changed as well as forecast what’s around the corner—so we can help you capture and maximize the opportunities of this new connected world,” Nielsen reported today.

For a closer look at the findings published in the 2013 Australian Connected Consumers report, check out the infographic below.