Why HVAC Contractors Should Warm Up to Mobile Payments

It certainly is ironic, isn’t it? HVAC companies bring heating, ventilation, and air conditioning technology to our homes and businesses while promoting their expertise through digital, social, and even mobile marketing… but then they still primarily accept cash or checks.

Although today’s leading mobile payments solutions are now in use by thousands of small businesses and entrepreneurs across the country, one giant in this burgeoning space finds that HVAC contractors could benefit from joining the modern mobile age.

“The invention of the components of HVAC systems can be traced back to the Industrial Revolution,” reads a post on the PayAnywhere blog. “Since that time new methods of modernization, higher efficiency and system control are constantly being brought to the market by companies and inventors all over the world. But why are HVAC contractors still getting paid the old fashion way, by cash and check?”

With a popular solution of its own to sell, PayAnywhere is encouraging HVAC professionals to enter “the modern age.”

Enter PayAnywhere, the mobile payment solution that allows HVAC professionals to simply and securely accept credit and debit cards for payment, without any terminal rental fees, monthly fees, or hidden charges.

PayAnywhere says it provides customers with the lowest transaction rates in the industry (2.69% for swiped transactions or 3.49% + $0.19 for keyed transactions). The company claims this is important because HVAC members everywhere need “to keep more of their hard earned money while still offering customers the convenience of paying with their credit card.”

Do you agree that mobile payments are an important part of staying afloat in the HVAC business today? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.