Why Google Authorship Still Matters in Marketing Authority

Why Google Authorship Still Matters in Marketing AuthorityIf you’ve been discounting the importance of Google authorship, there’s a world of opportunity and authority that continues to elude you, your marketing, and, unfortunately, your business.

“If you have a blog and are consistently creating posts as part of your content marketing strategy, you have a huge opportunity to do something relatively simple that can have big benefits for you and your small business,” says Sarah Matista of SocialMediaToday.

“If you blog regularly, you have the potential to create a name for yourself within the industry you write about,” Matista explains. “If you have Google Authorship set up properly, people who regularly perform searches around a certain topic will start to recognize you, and will (hopefully) start clicking on your content instead of someone else’s because they already know they trust your advice.”

A new inforgraphic from IMI shared by Matista puts a visual component behind this argument. Check it out below.