Why Content Marketing Is The King Of Digital Marketing?

opinionThe following is a guest contributed post from Martina Stricak, a co-founder of Point Visible digital agency.

Content is king, right? We all have heard this one too many times. But, we also know that, in most cases, a single piece of content won’t make much difference. What can make a difference is having a strategy and consistency. And these two terms are the main difference between content and content marketing.

So, even with sparkling content, why is it so important to invest in content marketing strategy?

Benefits of Content Marketing

  1. It increases traffic to your website

When planning on implementing a content marketing strategy, you shouldn’t hurry to create content. Instead, start with finding out what kind of audience you are targeting and which distribution channels would be effective for them. They could be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube. Every platform requires a unique kind of content.

When you identify where they spend most of their time, you are ready to create content that fits the audience as well as the platform they use. Reaching out to your target audience with your content, wherever they are, increases their chances of interacting with it. If it is interesting enough to them, they are likely to end up on your website. They will also share it on their networks and this increases the number of people visiting your website.

  1. It can make your brand an authority

As mentioned earlier, content marketing isn’t about creating one or two good content pieces. It will involve a strategy that if implemented correctly, you’ll reap the benefits in due time. In this case, if you deliver valuable, well-written, relevant content to your target audience consistently, you are likely to emerge an industry thought leader. But, that’s not all; you are likely to gain more sales conversions or see increased ROI as your audience grows their trust in your brand.

  1. Improves the ranking of your website

Basically, top search engines such as Google use three main things to determine which web page appears on top of search results. These are; the search engine’s artificial intelligence, web content, and links. Now, content and links are correlated with content marketing. So, how can these increase your ranking?

Assuming that you have sparkling content, you are likely to get high-quality websites linking back to your website. Quality back-links are fundamental in boosting your website’s ability to climb the search engines results’ ladder. It will also drive traffic from those other websites to your site. When the visitors read, they share your content with those in their networks. All these improve your organic search ranking.

  1. It creates an audience of loyal followers of your brand

People love freebies. When you keep giving them useful information for free, they’ll grow fond of your brand. You do this consistently for at least six months and you end up with a closely-knitted community of readers who won’t think twice about spending on your brand.

Finally, always remember that creating content isn’t the same as promoting it. Even with the best quality content, without content marketing, the number of people it will reach will always be limited. Go forth and awaken the power within your content by publishing it on the places where your audience is. This is the only way your content will drive the results you want for your business.