Why Apps Are Outpacing BYOD Among Top IT Mobility Priorities

Why Apps Are Outpacing BYOD Among Top IT Mobility PrioritiesA new study produced by Vanson Bourne that was commissioned by CA Technologies shows that while the benefits of mobility “are well understood,” concerns over security and privacy, multiple platform support, budget constraints and lack of appropriately skilled personnel are still viewed “as the biggest obstacles to mobility adoption.”

The numbers to back this assertion are compelling. In fact, 83 percent of U.S. respondents recognize a greater need for realizing business opportunities with mobility.

Organizations that have been successful with their mobility initiatives have experienced anywhere from a 17 to 24 percent improvement in business in the form of increased revenue, faster time-to-market, improved competitive positioning, enhanced customer experience, better employee productivity and lower costs.

The report also reveals that external customer initiatives like secure application management “are now outpacing internal BYOD projects on IT priority lists.”

The study authors conclude that this reality indicates customer-facing mobile initiatives are business-critical and need to be addressed with the same sense of urgency as internal efforts.

“Today, CIOs are under enormous pressures to address the rapid pace of technology change and evolution. Mobility has dramatically elevated the complexity of what is needed both for internal users and customer-facing systems,” said Ram Varadarajan, GM of New Business Innovation at CA Technologies. “The potential of not complying with key regulations, inadvertent dissemination of corporate information, or negatively impacting brand reputation because of poor customer experience though a mobile application shopping experience, are just a few examples of risks faced by organizations that do not have an enterprise-wide mobility strategy.”