Why Acquisition Is Essential to Email Marketing

Why Acquisition Is Essential to Email MarketingEmail marketing is still at the top of all other marketing channels when it comes to ROI. Arguably, it remains the most engaging medium. And though some see it is the grandfather of marketing methods, it is still being improved every day.

More and more research is being poured into this familiar but not outdated marketing mechanism. Yet there is still one activity that needs to become a regular part of email marketing. This is acquisition.

Before email marketing can become effective, the company behind the campaign needs a robust list of customers. In order to obtain this, marketers need to invest in other forms of marketing, as well. A large portion of the marketing budget should be directed toward marketing specifically to encourage customers to sign up for the company’s email list.

While this may seem like an obvious step in email marketing, most companies have a haphazard approach (if any approach) to acquisition. Instead of pushing it into the background and hoping that it will become a natural part of doing business, acquisition needs to be pulled to the forefront and made an equal partner with other forms of marketing.

According to studies conducted by Buttle Associations, a mere 34% of companies have a budget allocated solely to acquisition. However, studies have also shown that acquisition marketing that is budget-friendly, reliable, and easy to scale can significantly bump up the efficacy of email marketing overall.