Why 2014 Will Be a Defining Year for Mobile Advertising

Why 2014 Will Be a Defining Year for Mobile AdvertisingKevin Cosenza of NativeMobile says that unlike 2012 and 2013, 2014 will legitimately be the “year of mobile.”

OK, so we’ve heard that prediction and watched it fall short before. But this time, the tech blogger says, it’s a different story.

“Now that smartphones are the norm and mobile device usage has finally outstripped desktop usage, we can safely say that this year will actually by the year of mobile advertising,” Cosenza writes, citing five concrete reasons for his projection.

  1. Developers will bring us better ad formats. Unlike in years past, when advertisers had to rely on banner ads to get their message across, there are plenty of new ways to integrate ads in engaging, non-annoying ways, which encourage the user to click through, rather than click away.
  2. Cross-screen and multiscreen advertising will lead to better targeting and the ability to reach consumers on every screen they use, especially the most-used mobile ones.
  3. Interactivity will become the norm. Everyone knows that consumers love an interactive ad, and now this desirable trait will be available for ads on the mobile screen.
  4. Native will come to mobile. Instead of taking up extra room with a banner ad, most mobile websites and apps will go native, saving space and the sanity of their customers.
  5. Social will open new doors. Though social is already vitally important when it comes to mobile advertising, better mobile apps will make it easier than ever to take advantage of this medium.