Who’s Shaking Things Up In The World Of Electronic Payment Processing?

Who’s Shaking Things Up In The World Of Electronic Payment ProcessingSmartphones and mobile devices have inspired app developers to create mobile payment processing solutions that can be utilized by mobile sellers who would traditionally only accept cash. This could be anyone from vendors at farmers markets, artists, or anyone who does not conduct their business in a brick-and-mortar location. The key to mobile apps being successful, is that they needed to be far more affordable than traditional debit and credit card payment processing solutions—because smaller business owners simply cannot afford high payment processing fees.

What started out as a solution for small mobile business owners, has turned into a payment processing solution for businesses both large and small—and both mobile and brick-and-mortar payment processing. The team at North American Bancard created their PayAnywhere Storefront, which allows for payment processing on multiple compatible devices such as smartphones and notebooks. However, they took things a few steps further by also offering higher volume retailers to utilize their unique payment processing solutions too. They also include a wide range of sales reports and business management tools that business owners can use to manage their business.

To ensure security, they have partnered with leading mobile app security provider Moki. It is the combination of low cost payment processing, secure payment processing, and essential reporting and tools that have quickly turned the PayAnywhere Storefront into one of the fastest growing, and most well respected mobile payment processor. Many brick and mortar retailers are abandoning their current in-store debt and credit card solutions—for the more affordable, intuitive, and all-inclusive PayAnywhere Storefront.