Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Mobile Ad?

Have you noticed that mobile advertisements have become the veritable new boogeyman of the modern mobile age?

Everywhere you turn there are new reports of mobile ads and the threatening impact on the mobile security of many. But are these concerns really blown out of proportion?

“Tens of thousands of smartphone apps are running ads from rogue advertising networks that change smartphone settings and take contact information without permission,” reports CNN.

Aggressive ad networks can disguise ads as text message notifications or app icons, and sometimes change browser settings and bookmarks. Often, the ads will upload your contacts list to the ad network’s servers — information the ad network can then sell to marketers.

Often likened to old-school nefarious pop-ups on PCs, the offending mobile software isn’t always easy to find or remove, although deleting the app usually does the trick.

Nonetheless, ample fears remain about the privacy and security of users in the mobile age due to aggressive mobile advertising tactics. Although concerns have likely been needlessly amplified somewhat in the media, are you among those who believe that mobile ads have gotten too aggressive or invasive?

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