Who Needs iAd, MobilityWare Claims $300K Monthly Revenue Using Greystripe

Mobile app monetization is big business these days, with more and more reports circulating about developers and the mounds of cash they’re earning on free apps.  While iAds hasn’t exactly gotten off to a great start, other rich media mobile ad-networks are chugging right along with reports of highly successful campaigns that emulate the same attributes iAd promised.

One such ad-network, Greystripe, has seen a boost in developer and advertiser interest since the launch of iAds, and recently announced that one development firm on its network is earning over $10,000 a day using its rich media ad-units.  MobilityWare, a company that produces popular gaming apps for the iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone, has been on the Greystripe network for over two years and claims earnings of $298,309 for the month of June, 2010 for its 17 apps in the App Store.

These are impressive figures to say the least, both for Greystripe and mobile app monetization in general.  Highly engaging rich media ad-units are the way of the future for mobile apps, and Greystripe’s continued success is a testament to that.  “We’ve tried many ad networks and Greystripe has delivered the best overall eCPM,” said Dave Yonamine,VP of marketing for MobilityWare.  “They also have a great team.  Their responsiveness makes it easy to work with them.”