Who knew the P in GPS stands for Pizza?

dominos-mobile.jpgThere’s an excellent possibility that football fans will experience Domino’s new mobile ordering (and pizza tracking) service for the first time this much hyped Super Bowl weekend.

Under the clever guise of “researching” for my blog, I ordered a pizza today from my mobile phone to give the experience a try. If you haven’t done your own “research” yet, Domino’s mobile pizza ordering process begins with visiting mobile.dominos.com from a web-enabled mobile phone supported by any carrier. Select your order from the Domino’s menu (designed for the small screen of a cell phone) and then punch in a delivery address. If you’re not paying cash at delivery, you can enter your credit or debit card information over Domino’s secured network. Best of all, you can then use Domino’s pizza tracker page to monitor the status of your delivery – from the time it enters the oven to the minute it hits the street.

Simplifying usability while emphasizing familiarity, Domino’s mobile ordering process requires the establishment of a username and password but otherwise mirrors Domino’s standard online ordering web page.

“With so many people living life on-the-go, Domino’s mobile ordering delivers even more convenience for our customers’ busy lifestyles,” said Rob Weisberg, Domino’s vice president of precision and print marketing. “With the addition of yet another order-taking channel, Domino’s is thrilled to lead the market with this breakthrough technology that continues to change the way people think about ordering pizza.”

Oh, yeah. And in case you’re wondering my pizza still arrived in about 27 minutes.