Who Are The Most Serious Mobile Dating App Users? Liftoff Has The Answer!

This week, Liftoff — a leader in mobile app marketing and retargeting — released an infographic illuminating trends in mobile dating behavior. The data shows that North Americans are the most “swipe-happy” when it comes to mobile dating apps, with women in general being the most profitable users.

The infographic also showcases trends around engagement and examines geographical differences between North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC).

Overall, we’re told that Liftoff’s data comes from more than 20 of the top dating apps.

Based on an analysis of nearly 3 billion dating app Northad impressions across more than 1 million app installs and 3.4 million post-install events over the entire year of 2016.

After analyzing the data, it’s clear that women are more serious mobile daters, while their male counterparts are far less committed–meaning marketers should aim cupid’s arrow at North American women. Surprisingly, women register for dating apps 100 percent more on Android and 106 percent more on iPhone than male mobile users. Not only are women registering at higher rates, but their subscription rates stack up similarly at 31 percent higher on Android and 49 percent higher on iPhone.

“As we expand into new regions, it’s fascinating to dive into our data and see how mobile engagement differs around the world and across cultures,” said Mark Ellis, Liftoff’s CEO. “For example, our Mobile Dating report last year focused just on North America and we learned that registration rates peak in the spring–but when you widen the lens to include all APAC and EMEA, we see those registration rates spiking in the summer. The more specific slices that we can uncover, the better we can help marketers make more informed, regionalized, and hyper-local decisions.”

Want to know more? Check out the infographic here.