Who Are The Most Loyal Smartphone Owners?

Marketers understand the power of brand loyalty. When a company is fortunate enough to win the hearts and minds of consumers, the money follows and flows like water. Case in point: Apple.

On Friday, Yankee Group published the findings of a new survey indicating that Apple’s brand loyalty may be what determines the ultimate victor in the iOS vs. Android war.

“Samsung’s Radio City Music Hall launch of its Galaxy S IV smartphone made good headlines,” writes analyst Carl Howe, “but consumer buying data shows that at the checkout counter, Apple continues to eat Samsung’s lunch.”

The Yankee Group finds that Apple’s “black hole” ecosystem captures subscribers who never leave. Android smartphones, on the other hand, are losing one out of every six customers to other manufacturers.

“These trends will drive Apple ownership well past Android ownership by 2015 and will reinforce Apple’s dominance in tablets as well,” Howe says.

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