Whitepaper: Optimizing Mobile Marketing Conversions, By Mongoose Metrics

Call tracking service provider Mongoose Metrics has published its third and final installment in a series of whitepapers written by CEO Bradley E. Reynolds, in which he’s so far covered mobile marketing predictions over the next five years and mobile marketing technology trends and future predictions.

The latest in the series is titled “Optimizing Mobile Marketing Conversions,” whereby Reynolds discusses understanding how to effectively account for phone call conversions from mobile marketing campaigns.  It’s a unique approach to understanding an area of mobile marketing that’s ambiguous at best.

“Because phone calls are so simple to launch from a mobile device – and web forms often can be so cumbersome to navigate – the conversion value for the mobile channel is highly skewed towards phone calls and away from web form submissions.  That’s why it’s imperative that you understand how to account for phone calls from your mobile marketing efforts,” says Bradley E. Reynolds, CEO of Mongoose Metrics.

Overall measurement and ROI tracking is a huge benefit to mobile marketing in general, but some areas are easier to measure than others.  While most mobile campaigns can be easily attributed and tracked along the entire campaign process, true person-to-person engagement is hard to analyze.  Because of this, the new whitepaper aims to answer these three questions;

  • How can I analyze and attribute a single person-to-person engagement to a specific mobile marketing effort?
  • How can I create instant feedback loops for this information so that I can react as my market and engagements change?
  • How can I integrate this actionable data into my existing business process?

The whitepaper is a very well-written and interesting read, as were the first two.  It covers various methods of mobile interaction and how to further validate various mobile marketing strategies.  Download the latest whitepaper here.  You can find the first in the series here, and the second here as well.