Whitepaper: Mobile Marketing Technology Trends & Future Predictions

A while back we covered the first in a series of three whitepapers written by Mongoose Metrics CEO Bradley E. Reynolds, in which he details where the mobile marketing industry is right now and its future predictions.

The first whitepaper dove into the fundamentals of mobile marketing, current industry statistics, examples of “what’s working now,” current drawbacks and future predictions for the industry as a whole, while the second in the series focuses more on mobile technology and its role in the current state, and the future of the mobile marketing industry.

Dubbed “Mobile Marketing Macro Trends,” the new whitepaper is an insightful opinion editorial that aims to answer the simple question “how will mobile technologies change the way we live today?”

“Mobile technologies — though still in infancy — are positioned to provide an incredible value to humanity by offering immediate interactions with meaningful content from anywhere on the planet,” the paper states.  “Brands, corporations, political movements, religions and any entities which depend on interacting with the masses need to understand the progression and power of mobile.”

The whitepaper does a great job at explaining the underlying meaning and importance mobile technology plays in everyday life, and how that movement corresponds to what’s being done in the mobile ecosystem.

“With the availability of instant information anywhere, the challenge then becomes how to filter that information so that only the things which you value percolate to the top, other things are filtered out, and you can adjust the filters to such a fine level that no good things are getting filtered.