Whitepaper: A Realistic View of Mobile Advertising in Canada; Benchmarks & Stats

While Canadians are all about microblogging and social media, recent numbers indicate they don’t care much for mobile marketing and advertising.  In fact, there are only 5.2M people in Canada who actively use their Smartphones for browsing and apps according to recent comScore data.

Following this surprising revelation, marketing and research firm Mediative put together a new whitepaper that takes a hard look at the mobile advertising ecosystem in Canada and uncovered some interesting stats and insight.  For example, Canada has a total of 20M residents that own cell phones, of which roughly 7.215M are smartphones.  With such low smartphone penetration, it’s easier to understand why only 5.2M actively use their devices for mobile browsing and apps.

What’s most interesting from the findings is how mobile ad impressions correlate to mobile platforms.  For example, Blackberry is the most popular platform with 42% market share, followed by Apple at 31% and Android at 12%.  However, Android garners the most mobile ad impressions at 47%, while Apple comes in second at 40% followed by Blackberry at just 13%.  In addition, the firm found the average CTR for mobile advertising in Canada to be around .5%.

For much more data, comparisons and case studies, download the full whitepaper here.