White Ops Touts New ‘SDK-less’ Mobile Invalid Traffic Detection Capabilities

This week, MMW learned that White Ops, a major player in human verification technology, announced the latest release of its product portfolio, which includes new detection capabilities for invalid traffic on both mobile web and mobile apps.

“Advertisers lose an estimated $7.2 billion globally each year as a result of fraudulent impressions — and with the explosion of mobile devices and increasing use of mobile apps, cyber criminals are embracing a new media channel for invalid traffic,” the firm says.

With White Ops’ latest mobile capabilities, however, organizations “can quantify this in-app invalid traffic, while identifying and preventing delivery to it in the future.”

The ability to achieve this level of protection quickly, easily and at scale is critical. This is why White Ops enables in-app detection without the need for an SDK (software development kit), meaning businesses won’t worry about apps failing and publishers can avoid cumbersome implementations.

“As mobile fraud numbers often only account for mobile web, they can be misrepresented as lower than the actual level of fraudulent traffic,” said Tamer Hassan, CTO, White Ops. “The detection of mobile in-app fraud is based on sophisticated threat modeling and app reverse engineering. Our security-based, human-first approach at White Ops positions our clients to have the most extensive and scalable fraud detection possible, regardless of media format.”

To learn more about the efforts underway at White Ops, click here.