While 42% of Companies Understand the Need For a Stronger Digital Presence, Nearly 60% Are Unsure of Where to Begin

While 42 Percent Of Companies Understand The Need For A Stronger Digital Presence, Nearly 60 Percent Are Unsure Of Where To BeginA recent study commissioned by Ness Software Engineering Services, and conducted by OnePoll, found that a surprising 57% of business leaders do not understand how to deliver the digital experience consumers have come to expect.

Out of the 1,000 business leaders surveyed in the UK, 42% are aware that they lack the innovation required to remain competitive when speaking of digital. This same number of business leaders plans on investing more time and money in R&D to determine the best digital path.

With only 46% of business owners having the in-house expertise required to keep up with digital expectations, most will need to on-board new talent. Even those who have in-house talent, are likely to need to expand their current digital workforce. Some of the most pressing areas of digital development include e-commerce, e-business, digital infrastructures, digital products, and mobile.

On top of on-boarding new digital talent, many businesses will need to partner with technology experts, such as an app developer or online/mobile marketing specialist.

“The growth of the Digital Economy is a major transformative force in the market where digital native companies are disrupting the business models of traditional companies to steal market share,” says Doug Mow, senior vice president of corporate strategy and chief marketing officer at Ness SES. “In response, incumbent businesses must modernise their user experiences, products, and systems to remain competitive. This includes engaging customers and partners via electronic commerce mechanisms, modern form factors such as mobile, and with real-time, personalised insight.”