Which Social Media Platform is Capturing the Most Upscale Advertising?

Which Social Media Platform is Capturing the Most Upscale AdvertisingWhen it comes to the world of social media ad buying, many major brands invest in paid advertisements, but even more are engaging their customers with the creative content that they post on social sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

The reasons for this are many, but two of the most pertinent are how casual most social sites are and the demographics of users.

Consequently, some social platforms struggle more than others to capture major national or global brand advertisers, but Instagram is not one of them. According to recent reports, it seems as if many advertisers view Instagram along similar lines of an upscale magazine or a well-respected newspaper.

This recognition is capturing the attention of ad buyers the likes of Pepsi, Mercedes-Benes, and Cadbury. For this reason Instagram has revised their offerings for advertisers to ensure that 2015 is the year that there major brand advertising really takes off.

According to the latest industry projections to which MMW has been privy, Instagram may soon command the highest asking price for ads across all of social media – and advertisers, seeing exceedingly impressive ROI, are more than happy to pay what’s asked.