Which Retailers are Mobile Maestros? DMI Releases 2015 Top 10 List

Which Retailers are Mobile Maestros DMI Releases 2015 Top 10 ListWhich retailers are role models when it comes to mobile marketing? Wonder no more.

DMI has released its first annual “Mobile In-Store Experience Rankings” report, which assesses the quality of the mobile experience retailers are providing to in-store shoppers.

“The rankings cover 100 top retailers in the United States,” according to the announcement. “DMI used its proprietary mobile in-store maturity model to assess the experiences that retailers offer via mobile devices to shoppers who are in brick and mortar stores.”

Earlier DMI research confirmed that high-quality, mobile, in-store experiences are “not only desired by shoppers but in some cases, positively affect shopper preference, visitation, and purchase intent.”

What retailers made the Top 10 List? Here they are:

  1. Walgreens
  2. The Home Depot
  3. Sephora
  4. Nordstrom
  5. Bloomingdale’s
  6. Walmart
  7. Saks Fifth Avenue
  8. JCPenney
  9. Target
  10. American Eagle Outfitters

Of course, there’s still room for improvement.

“After conducting 100 assessments, it became abundantly clear that there is significant room for growth across the industry,” noted the report. “The highest score possible was 240, yet the number one retailer scored a 111. The average score was 44, a clear indicator that even top retailers have work to do in crafting and delivering effective mobile in-store shopping experiences for their customers.”

“Throughout 2015, we saw a dramatic shift in the industry begin to occur,” said Jeremy Gilman, VP of strategy for DMI’s brand marketing and customer experience group. “Retailers are beginning to understand and unlock the massive potential behind enhancing in-store experiences through existing mobile applications. We’re excited to see what the New Year holds and look forward to re-assessing these retailers at the close of 2016 to note their progress.”