Which Feature Will 1 Billion Smartphones Offer by 2016?

Which Feature will 1 Billion Smartphones Offer  by 2016According to new projections from ABI, 1 billion smartphones will be equipped with one particular feature by 2016. Wht is it?

As smartphones embrace always-on, ubiquitous location, location-based sensor fusion will become a standard feature, ABI Research estimates in its new report, “Location-based Sensor Fusion: Companies, Technologies, and Revenue Opportunities.”

The report outlines how sensor fusion will evolve to support indoor location and the companies best placed to succeed in this space.

Location-based sensor fusion will enable the dawn of the quantified self, ambient intelligence, as well as provide huge potential around advertising and retail.

“Sensor fusion is vital in enabling a consistent location experience, RF mapping, and the industry to scale rapidly,” observes ABI senior analyst Patrick Connolly. “Unfortunately, it is not just a case of putting in a 9-axis sensor to achieve this. Highly complex algorithms are required to optimize sensor outputs, integrate with other location technologies and combine with machine learning and data-fusion algorithms. Sensor fusion will surpass Wi-Fi and BLE as the most important handset-based indoor location technology by 2017.”