Where Do You Go for Mobile Predictions for 2015? Digital Executives, of Course!

Where Do You Go for Mobile Predictions for 2015 Digital Executives, of CourseThere’s no doubt that mobile marketing has made huge strides in the last several years, from native ads to in-app ads and cross-device data tracking. That being said, there are plenty of new challenges in the road ahead and, as 2014 winds to a close, these challenges are being brought to the forefront.

Beginning with Advertising Week and increasing every single day since (now with just two weeks to go before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve), digital executives have been exceedingly talkative of late, and all of them are eager to share their opinions and predictions for 2015.

The previously mentioned ability to track data across devices is going to be a big trend in 2015 according to Lisa Materazzo, the corporate manager of media strategy and digital engagement for Toyota. With consumers moving outside of the traditional purchase funnel, she believes that giving them the ability to browse new car models any time they like, and from anywhere, is becoming much more important. Being able to link consumers, and their data, across devices is this going to be quite vital for brands of all types.

Frank Cooper III, CMO of PepsiCo, believes that one of the biggest trends in 2015 is going to be beacons that automatically alert consumer smartphones when they come in proximity. He also believes that many indoor retail spaces are going to be mapped in order to take more advantage of this new technology.

Of course, it’s no big surprise that mobile payments are going to be a big trend in 2015, and Rachel Pasqua from MEC believes that adoption of the new mobile payment options as well as loyalty programs are going to make a big splash in the coming year. Pasqua says that the aforementioned beacons as well as NFC have finally gotten to the point where they are ready to change the retail landscape.

One other interesting predictions for 2015 and mobile is that some form of “cookie” will finally be developed to better identify users. That’s according to Colson Hillier, the VP of precision market insights for Verizon.

Interesting predictions for what looks to be a very interesting year on the horizon.

What are your predictions for mobile and digital marketing in 2015?