When Do Chinese Consume Content? During Their Leisure Hours, Says Research

When Do Chinese Consume Content During Their Leisure Hours, Says ResearchIn China, mobile content consumption happens during traditional leisure time.

Tencent Penguin Intelligence and Tsinghua University found in November, 2015 that 43.4 percent of mobile device users access entertainment content on their devices during breaks, vacations, and other free time.

Perhaps you don’t consider some activities as “leisure pursuits,” but interestingly 36.2 percent said they consumed entertainment content on mobile devices while visiting the restroom.

Three in 10 reported accessing content while in bed, either in the morning or at night. Using mobile to access content was also popular during waiting times and commutes.

“Usage of mobile devices to view video was also most common during traditional leisure time; more than half of respondents said they watched mobile video on breaks and vacations,” according to eMarketer.

eMarketer’s estimate is that this year about 332.4 million people in China will have watched video via mobile phones at least once per month.