WhatsApp Processed 27 Billion Messages in 24 Hours

WhatsApp, the popular mobile messaging service , is touting record user numbers today following the company’s announcement that the service processed a staggering number of messages in just one day.

WhatsApp tweeted news of the achievement earlier this week: “new daily record: 10B+ msgs sent (inbound) and 17B+ msgs received (outbound) by our users = 27 Billion msgs handled in just 24 hours!”

Although WhatsApp rarely details milestone achievements publicly, the latest achievement was apparently too much of a big one to keep quiet about.

The fact that WhatsApp has beaten its previous best — which was set during a period when messaging very often peaks — is telling. Twitter, Facebook and others don’t outgrow their stats from New Year’s eve within six months; WhatsApp is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate.

“WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum recently revealed that the company has more than 200 million active monthly users (the total number of registered users is unknown),” says Jon Russell of TNW. “That makes it larger than Twitter and it’s fair to say it is leading the mobile messaging industry at this point.”