What’s Your Role in Mobile Marketing?

So what do you do in the world of mobile marketing? Nope, that’s not a rhetorical question. We’d really like to know who our readers are and what you do in this industry of ours. It will help us to shape the posts we write...

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So what do you do in the world of mobile marketing? Nope, that’s not a rhetorical question. We’d really like to know who our readers are and what you do in this industry of ours. It will help us to shape the posts we write and the resources we bring to you about mobile.

Nice to Meet YouPlease introduce yourself in the comments and tell us a bit about what you do in mobile. (Keep it short – 1-2 paragraphs; we’re not looking for resumes here.) You don’t need to include a separate link to your company, just let your name be clickable. If there is something in particular you are looking to learn or know or keep up on about mobile marketing, feel free to include that in your comment.

We look forward to learning more about you.

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  1. Chris

    Hey Brad, I just read your post and was interested in speaking with you when you have a minute. My name is Chris Field and I work for 3Cinteractive, an industry leading Mobile Marketing ASP. We provide all of the tools and technology that some of the biggest brands in the world use to create and manage mobile campaigns based on SMS and WAP. Some of the companies that we currently work with (ESPN, xGames, Playboy, Discovery Channel, Disney, HD Radio, Lincoln Financial, Cumulus and many more. I’m curious to see what you are doing regarding the non-profit that you work for, so give me a call when you have time to chat.

    Chris Field

  2. Antony

    Hi Kim
    I am the Marketing Director of http://www.Qpons.NearU.us
    We provide a turn key platform for mobile marketing geared towards small business. We do tracking and monthly reports for our users. The one thing that makes us different is that the user can search for Qpons to their favorite stores.

  3. Brad

    Hey everyone, I work for a large non-profit in the US and am responsible for leading our mobile marketing initiative. I enjoy reading all the latest news in the industry.

  4. Miguel Guinaliu

    Hi all!

    This is Miguel Guinalíu, e-marketing researcher in the University of Zaragoza (Spain). I am interesting in mobile marketing in order to start new reserach lines about this topic. In your opinion, what are the hot questions to research?



  5. Billy Jack Smith

    Hola Kim,

    I’m an orphaned infant, a researh and development 15 month old LLC that wants to start walking, my name is Mobile-Marketing Solutions, a Mobile Web Content Management System and cost-efficient DIY Mobile Web Publishing application. I include among many things a Web 2.0 calendar for automatic
    updating, messaging of Mobile Web Site content with search engine tools for
    Google, Microsoft and Yahoo. My DNA indicates I’m one of the original Mobile Marketing
    Software-as-a-Service with enterprise-class reporting for marketing
    analytics with mapping mashups.

    This is my first attempt in reading your Mobile Marketing web blog and find it fascinating with the vast categories available. I’m having a hard time in educating the masses in what actually Mobile Marketing is and how to use it properly with correct manners. But…………….now that I know of you and your enormous resources that you have at hand…………I’ve got a friend indeed.

    Thank you in advance and “ViVa la Mobile Marketing Revolution”…………..

    Mid Court Billy

  6. Kim Dushinski

    Hey Jane, Jason and Mark:

    Thanks for introducing yourselves. It is so fun to see what you’re up to in mobile. Glad that MMW is providing what you’re looking for as far as mobile marketing news and info.


  7. Mark Beattie

    It’s interesting watching the mobile scene grow and mature, and being a part of the innovation driving it forward.

    We’re working on our SaaS mobile marketing platform. We can do text of course, but we also have multimedia slide shows and video going on, as well as handset discovery, content transcoding & optimisation, dynamic WAP pages and stuff like that happening as well.

  8. Jason Comely

    Hi Kim,

    I’m a contemporary media consultant and blogger for FullBlowniPhone.com.

    I believe the iPhone is going to be the next marketing nirvana. So many possibilities with this platform, and I want to capture some of the excitement and innovative developments in my blog.

    What am I looking for when I scan your RSS feed? Stories about future trends and innovations in mobile, and with insightful analysis. So far, so good!

  9. Jane McPherson

    Hi Kim,

    This is Jane from SpyderLynk.

    SpyderLynk’s mobile interface makes material in the offline world interactive for mobile camera phone users.

    SpyderLynk applies the unique identification system of a bar code to a brand logo to create a SpyderLynk SnapTag. When camera phone owners snap & send a SnapTag, it triggers a broad range of rewards, information or content responses (anything really). It offers all of the functionality of a QR code without requiring an application.

    We are always interested in MMS news, compelling applications and analysis on trends.


  10. Kim Dushinski

    Hey Evrim and Jon!

    Appreciate your introductions. Nice to hear from you. Glad to have you as readers here at MobileMarketingWatch.


  11. Jonathan Boyle

    Hey Kim!
    I’m responsible for New Media at 3Cinteractive, one of the leading mobile marketing firms in the US. My role at 3Cinteractive includes managing our blog (as Ainsworth Boyle), product demonstrations, and platform training. I also play a role in our product development and creative team.

    A bit more about 3Ci: We distinguish ourselves from competitors through our detailed understanding of the mobile marketing process and how it relates to the guidelines set by the MMA and mobile operators.

    With all of that, I’m always open to meeting new people, especially on Twitter (handle: Ainsworth).

    – Jon

  12. Evrim Dirik

    This is Evrim, I am a product manager in Turkcell – the leading mobile operator in Turkey- mobile marketing team. I am responsible for new product development and management. Mainly I focus on mobile search, mobile tv ads and TonlaKazan ( http://www.tonlakazan.com) that is the first RBT Ads platform in the world.

    I feel good to have mm watch news from my outlook RSS reader 😉


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