What’s Your Intent? Bing Native Ad Targeting Wants to Know

What's Your Intent Bing Native Ad Targeting Wants to Know“Bing Ads has been offering advertisers the ability to reach users in search-powered environments providing the most relevant and actionable experiences matching commercial intent of users.”

That’s the latest from Bing, which recently announced the availability in beta of “Bing Native Ads.”

Bing Native Ads is designed to expand the reach of Bing Ads platform to target user intent even outside search.

What signals does Bing watch for? Some of the signals the platform views as most powerful include data on “users’ interests expressed by their prior search queries; intent signals from the content of the experience in which the users are at any given point; and user actions like looking for products or taking actions on advertiser sites.”

What Bing Native Ads aims to do is combine these intent signals with native experiences that are relevant and natural.

“In addition to matching intent signals, Bing Native Ads offer the same advanced targeting or bid boosting capabilities available from Bing Ads including location, device type, time of day, day of week, and site remarketing,” notes the post.

Bing Native Ads will launch in the U.S. market on MSN, a leading premium online portal with broad reach, high quality content, and rich user intent signals. The ads are designed to naturally align with the placements in which they appear.