What’s The Top Challenge Facing Mobile Marketers Today?

It’s a big question – the biggest question, in fact – for mobile marketers to answer: what’s the greatest challenge to overcome for improved monetization and impact with regard to mobile marketing?

On Wednesday, a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of ExactTarget, sought to answer this burning billion-dollar question.

The October 2012 study titled “The Keys To Successful Cross-Channel Marketing” shows that the top challenge facing marketers today is “managing and understanding customer interactions across the myriad of multiple marketing technologies used to power campaigns across email, mobile, social media, the Web and other digital channels.”

The study found 35 percent of marketers surveyed ranked managing marketing campaigns across multiple marketing point solutions as one of their greatest challenges – despite 78 percent who said they believe cross-channel marketing is important or very important to their business.

“The time for cross-channel marketing is here. And marketers know it,” reads the study. “Even so, they admit that cross-channel efforts pose significant challenges for them. Most respondents struggle to understand customers’ cross-channel interactions and to manage execution across multiple technologies.”

ExactTarget says curious minds can learn more by downloading a complimentary copy of the “The Key to Successful Cross-Channel Marketing”research, by clicking here.

So… do you agree with the findings of the study or do you believe mobile marketers have different cumbersome challenges that must also be conquered? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.