What's The Leading Cause of Enterprise Mobile App Failures?

What's The Leading Cause of Enterprise Mobile App FailuresKony, a cloud-based enterprise mobility solutions company, is out with a new report that seeks to answer a burning question: what’s the leading cause of enterprise mobile app failures?

If you guessed poor user experience, you would be correct.

With the explosion of mobile apps, business users are putting more pressure on developers and designers to deliver a large number of mobile applications with stunning and sleek user experiences, says the team at Kony. But their survey reveals that “a traditional approach to mobile application development for enterprises causes friction and misalignment between developers and designers, with 50 percent of respondents saying their projects fail to lock or get approved because of user interface issues.”

The survey conducted with leading global brands reveals a clear gap in the mobile app design and development process specifically when it comes to user interface and user experience.

This user interface gap and rework are the causes for many change requests, which lead to project delays and poor user adoption.

“Today’s IT departments are struggling to keep pace with the demands of their business to mobilize their enterprise,” says Dave Shirk, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Kony. “CIOs are faced with the challenge of rapidly delivering mobile applications for their businesses, and this survey sheds light on one of the biggest hurdles: business users, designers and developers don’t see eye to eye when it comes to user experience and interface design, which can cause costly delays and mobile app failures, leaving the business looking for a better answer.”

For more insight, check out Kony’s “Bridging the Gap: Mobile App Design and Development” report here.