What’s the Key to the Future of Marketing? AdExchanger Research Has an Answer

What's the Key to the Future of Marketing AdExchanger Research Has an AnswerIt’s a multi-screen world. And that means there are multiple ways to reach and market to consumers.

It goes without saying that targeting across screens is now more important than ever. And cross-device identification is becoming key to the future of marketing, according to AdExchanger Research.

However, the challenges of rolling out cross-device marketing programs continue to plague marketers. In a new research report, AdExchanger Research explores the two potential solutions – “deterministic” and “probabilistic” – and explains the pros and cons of each to help marketers figure out the best approach to tackle the technical difficulties of cross-device identification.

“Despite its complexities, by exploring cross-device strategies today, marketers will be prepared for more personalized and effective audience engagement in the long run,” says Melissa Parrish, Executive Director of AdExchanger Research.

According to Parrish, it’s clear what marketers must now do.

“Marketers need to accurately identify consumers across different environments in order to reach them seamlessly and efficiently – cross-device targeting is just the next wave of the digital advertising evolution,” she concludes.

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