What’s the Future of Marketing for Cars, Homes, Pockets, and Wrists? IAB & dmexco Team Up to Tackle at Mobile World Congress

Marketing is no longer confined — as it once was — to print media and television.

Now people are being marketing to via cars, homes, pockets (smartphones), and even through the watches on their wrists.

To address this issue, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) will team up with dmexco at the 2016 Mobile World Congress.

This year’s Congress will devote itself to the theme “Turning Mobile into Mobility: Innovation Without Borders.” Slated for Tuesday, February 23, 2016, the invitation-only event will explore “practical, actionable ideas on how senior marketing, media, telecommunications, and technology executives can work together to adopt measurable strategies that engage mobile audiences on screens and in environments far beyond the smartphone and tablet – connected cars, the “Internet of Things,” smartwatches, and more,” event organizers said last week.

A triumvirate — Facebook, Google, and Nasdaq — will sponsor the day’s sessions.

“Mobile is exploding all over the world, with consumers branching out beyond phones to embrace constant connection in their homes, their cars, and everywhere else they go,” said Randall Rothenberg, the president and CEO of IAB. “That means brands and advertisers can no longer rely on a mobile strategy that focuses purely on smartphones. Today’s consumers require an all-encompassing approach that takes every way they view content into account, reaching them where they are and in the way they would like to be reached. This event at Mobile World Congress will show today’s leaders how to do exactly that.”

Bringing mobile to the forefront is top of mind for the partners.

“Mobile advertising and marketing often gets the short end of the stick at major industry conferences, despite the fact that many consumers’ primary point of connection is now mobile in nature,” said Christian Muche, a cofounder and Member of the Board of Directors at dmexco.

“The programming we are creating with IAB, as well as Facebook, Google, and Nasdaq, seeks to remedy this problem by addressing important mobile advertising issues and further opportunities head on,” Muche emphasized.

For more details or to request an invitation, go here.