What’s the “Buzz” in Mobile Marketing?

BuzzCity is out with results from their latest global brand survey, which ranks the brands that have the most appeal among mobile viewing audiences.

Coming in first is KFC, a surprising victor over second place McDonalds. In third is Sony, followed by Nestle, Samsung, Nokia, LG, Coca-Cola, Panasonic, and Philips.

According to BuzzCity, the survey shows that users “typically base their preferences on brand performance first followed by style and then price. Quality, reliability, value and trust all also influence choice.”

While surveys are always important, how mobile marketers interpret them is even more important. The companies cited in this list have all experienced a considerable degree of success in their mobile efforts. The challenge now is culling from these examples lessons to apply to our own mobile efforts.

If anything, the study by BuzzCity further emphasizes that successful mobile marketing campaigns are those that get people talking about brands and more abstract concepts. The study, after all, reveals that 54% of mobile users would recommend a brand to their peers while only 4% would in reaction to a specific sales promotion.

Definitely news we can use.