What’s In Your (Marketing) Wallet? Twitter Engagement is Up and Could Be a Social Must

What's In Your (Marketing) Wallet Twitter Engagement is Up and Could Be a Social MustWither Twitter?

We know, it sounds like something Shakespeare might say.

On the other hand, it also sounds like something your social media marketing consultant might ask, too.

And we have answers. Or at least some.

“According to a recently released Benchmark report by social analytics company Simply Measured, Twitter engagement increased by 105 percent year over year in the fourth quarter of 2014 for the Top 100 Interbrand Global Companies measured,” according to Simply Measured. “As the year progresses, businesses of all types are taking stock of such reports in order to gain insight into what methods can help them improve their social media marketing ROI.”

Could Twitter be turning the corner in terms of getting tweeters to groove on some brand marketing?

“The increased engagement rate shows that more users are not only jumping to Twitter, but also becoming more comfortable engaging with brands on the network,” suggests Jeff Bullas, an author and digital brand strategist.

“As brands continue to integrate social media strategy into their overall marketing plan, it’s a constant struggle to decide where to allocate resources,” he says.

That’s true. Oh, so true.

So, what are the current trends that suggest brands need to stay on top of Twitter?

According to Simply Media, they include increased use of “Buy Buttons,” which will allow users to make purchases while still on their feed; an increase in visuals, such as photos and videos; and also an increase in the number of ads.

Experts note that recent experimentation with promoted tweets can be helpful in attracting a wider audience base for marketers using Twitter to reach specific demographics.

“Marketing experts also suggest that the use of tools that allow businesses to directly act on the expressed interests of Tweeters is one of the best starting points for businesses that want to expand their Twitter marketing success in 2015,” says the social media analytics company. “Millions of people are on the social network expressing their interests, wants, and needs. This information makes for excellent conversation starters between Twitter users and businesses that offers products or services relevant to what target audiences have expressed the intent to purchase or engage in.”