What's in the 'Cards' for Sharethrough?

What's in the 'Cards' for Sharethrough?Native advertising automation company Sharethrough is talking up its support for Native Cards, a new standard for publishers and brand advertisers to “enable the most immersive advertising experiences. ”

“Native Cards provide an entirely new way for brands to offer information, stories and visuals in a digestible format,” says Rob Fan, the CTO of Sharethrough. “Ultimately, this is about brands and publishers working together to create the best experiences across platforms.”

So what are we dealing with here? In short, the company says, Native Cards are “based on an emerging design trend that has become the de facto media format for closed ecosystems, including Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook, to present third-party content on their sites and apps.”

The release of Native Cards will enable Sharethrough’s publishers and app developer partners to immediately present promoted content as visually dynamic cards in their sites and apps, putting their monetization options at parity with the world’s leading social platforms. Native Cards allow brand advertisers to distribute any type of content, including videos, images, music and articles, while giving users an unparalleled tailored experience.

“Native Cards mark a significant advance for the native advertising category,” Sharethrough says, “which is predicated on paid media experiences that match the form and function of the sites or apps on which they are placed.”

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