What’s at the Core of Apple’s March 9th Media Event?

What's at the Core of Apple's March 9th Media EventIf you’re expecting a new iPhone or iPad you may be sorely disappointed. Based on sources close to Apple, next week’s media event is primarily going to serve as a launch pad for Apple Watch.

Apple’s eagerly awaited wearable is due to ship next month but preorders could possibly begin as early as next week.

Chances are, we’ll find out during the Monday, March 9th event. For now, Apple is divulging much. The company’s press invite merely says it’s time to “Spring Forward.”

“The spring forward connotation of time has many believing that the event will feature a home-stretch push for the Apple Watch,” says Greg Madsen of NativeMobile. “Nonetheless, we’ve heard very little about what Apple has planned for the next media event beyond a handful of rumors suggesting we may see an enterprise targeted ‘iPad Pro’ and possibly a new MacBook Air featuring Intel Broadwell chips.”

By most accounts, next Monday’s event isn’t really about new products (by new, we mean products that haven’t been announced). Instead, the occasion will be used to hype the already most-hyped smartwatch in the product category’s history. But with Apple pinning much of its future hopes on wearables, it’s critically important for the company to get off on the right foot — or wrist — with Apple Watch.