What The iPhone 4 Means For Mobile Marketing, iAd

Like all previous iterations, the iPhone 4 provides a wealth of opportunity for mobile marketing and advertising, but the primary benefit introduced in the 4th generation device is the addition of a gyroscope.

Just as the first iPhone brought accelerometers to the attention of mobile developers, marketers and publishers alike, the addition of gyroscopes offers additional possibilities that developers should be ripe with excitement for, especially game developers.  The addition enables developers to create motion-controlled apps that have 6-axis motion sensing.  What’s interesting though, it that mobile ad-units can utilize the advanced motion-sensing as well.

Developers can now access the location of a device, the direction its facing and the orientation of the device using 6-axis motion sensing, meaning next-gen mobile apps and ad-units can utilize all these features combined to develop some pretty impressive things.  With the approaching introduction of iAds, Apple has created a niche opportunity to sway mobile advertisers to its corner of the mobile ecosystem.  For brands wanting the latest and greatest in mobile advertising, it really doesn’t get any better than the combination of iAds, the iPhone 4 device and iOS 4.  Combined, the possibilities are endless, but it will come with a hefty price tag.

In addition, other ad-networks and providers can utilize the same functionality, but it’s still not clear how Apple will respond to this.  Apple’s tight control will undoubtedly make itself known, and will likely limit full-out functionality to brands going directly through iAds.  Though it’s just day one, there’s still a lot of questions to be answered.  One thing’s for sure though- the iPhone 4, its iOS 4 and iAds will change the industry once again.

Let us know your thoughts on this, what do you see happening in the near future?