What Percentage of Mobile Apps are Localized?

In its latest report, mobile analytics firm Distimo details the localization of mobile apps and mobile app stores to try and find the percentage of apps that are only popular in one specific country or region, as well as those that are popular on a global level.

The report shows that 27% of the most popular apps in Apple’s App Store for iPhone are only popular in one specific country.  Meanwhile, Nokia’s Ovi Store has the highest proportion of apps published in just one country (29.4%) while the App Store for iPad has the lowest (3.4%).

It’s interesting to note that Distimo completely ignored RIM for this report for no apparent reason.  Looking at the big picture, only a small proportion of apps are tailored to one specific country in most vendors’ apps stores, including iPhone (5.2%), iPad (3.4%), Android (4.9%) and Windows Phone (3.5%).

Closer to home, the U.S. and the U.K. feature the most locally published apps, with the U.S. having 7,158 apps that are exclusive to the iPhone App Store in the U.S.  When the App Store and Google’s Android Market are combined, the U.S., U.K., South Korea and Japan are about equal in terms of locally available apps.  Despite the high number of locally published apps in the App Store in the U.S., the proportion of local apps is relatively low, according to the report, with only 22% of  the 100 most popular iPhone apps and 19% of 100 most popular iPad apps being U.S.-only.

As always, there’s much more data available in the report itself, which is available for download here.