What Makes Smartphone Owners Happy?

With all the debate about which mobile carriers are responsible for the best smartphone user experience, you may be surprised by the findings of a new mobile phone satisfaction survey among IT service professionals.

“Happiness” is heavily driven by the device itself – far more than the wireless provider. At least that’s what OnForce learned from its comprehensive survey of IT service professionals.

When it comes to overall satisfaction, AT&T and Verizon are in a dead heat, with Sprint a distant third… However, a customer’s overall satisfaction comes from a blend of experiences, and deeper analysis uncovered some dramatic differences in satisfaction levels – especially when asked about the service a carrier provides.

For example, iPhone customers – regardless of carrier – were substantially more satisfied in 10 of 11 functionality categories surveyed. The only area where Android users expressed more satisfaction than iPhone users was on maps and directions.

“We’ve seen a steady increase in Android usage amongst our community over the past year, but that could change quickly with new hardware and software developments on the horizon for Apple, and the majority of IT service technicians indicating that their next mobile device will be an Apple device,” said Peter Cannone, CEO of OnForce. “Regardless, we’ve seen huge demand for our recently launched Android application, which is running on 247 distinct hardware/OS version combinations – further demonstrating the incredible variety of Android devices.”

So… does the smartphone carrier or the manufacturer have more to do with your overall satisfaction as a smartphone owners? Please weigh in with a thought or comment below.