What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is something we all hear about quite often. But it’s something we see even more… like every time we check our email.

Today, email marketing – the process by which a company emails a commercial message to a group of current or prospective customers – is widely considered to be a cornerstone of modern business communications and marketing.

Email marketing represents one of the most effective and affordable resources at the disposal of a business in need of reaching a targeted audience or market while avoiding the often exorbitant costs associated with print marketing, direct mail, radio or television ads, and other traditional forms of marketing.

Email marketing has been proven to be a highly personal communication tool that’s effective at generating traffic, driving sales, engaging consumers, building brand loyalty, and providing businesses with invaluable metrics and customer data.

Not surprisingly, thousands of marketers have  realized the importance of email. And the true forward-thinkers of marketing are focused on taking their campaigns to the next level by always looking for ways to improve their email marketing. For most, that means turning to a trusted provider of email marketing solutions.

Although some marketing professionals have begun turning their attention away from email and toward social media, many have done so at their own peril. Despite the popularity of social media, 92 percent of all adult internet users currently have at least one email account. Social media engagement doesn’t even come close. As a result, nearly two-thirds of all marketers still believe email is the best means for engaging customers and generating revenue.

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And to learn more about the evolution of email itself, check out the fascinating infographic shared below.