What is an iPhone or Android Phone Really Worth to Consumers?

According to a new survey spearheaded by Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, iPhones have a higher perceived “worth” to mobile users than Android devices do.

Based on Munster’s findings, which were highlighted this week in Forbes, the typical iPhone owner says his device is “worth” $313. By comparison, the average Android customer says his device is “worth” only $220.

To reach these findings, Munster surveyed four hundred customers around the world. Respondents were asked to assign a dollar value to their respective iPhone or Android device.

Munster believes this worth difference suggests that consumers “would keep buying the phone even if carriers reduced their hardware subsidies.”

The strong “worth” advantage the iPhone enjoys over Android is similarly reflected in the anticipated future buying preference of smartphone owners.

65% of phone owners say they expect their next phone to be an iPhone. That compared with 19% who intend to buy an Android phone, 6.5% who said “not a smartphone,” 6% who said “I don’t know” and 2.5% who said they plan to buy a Research In Motion BlackBerry.