What Do Developers Want to See in 2015? Cross-Device Marketing, Programmatic, Tablet Apps

What Do Developers Want to See in 2015 Cross-Device Marketing, Programmatic, Tablet AppsMillennial Media’s “State of the Apps 2015 Industry Snapshot,” a report that explores the future and current state of the app economy, makes it clear that developers and publishers aren’t going to slow down in the New Year.

“Through a survey of app developers and publishers worldwide, the report features insights into monetization and design trends, as well as developers’ goals and priorities for the coming year,” notes the mobile ad network.

The overwhelming theme of this year’s findings, according to independent mobile ad marketplace Millennial Media, is “that app developers and publishers are planning to take their apps further: designing for multiple operating systems and devices, making inventory available on programmatic channels, and increasing their development of tablet apps.”

Some critical revelations from the report include the fact that 85 percent of app developers and publishers monetize their apps and sites in some way, up 12 percentage points from the previous year.

Of those, 82 percent use advertising, compared to 73 percent last year. And fully 69 percent of app developers and publishers make their inventory available programmatically, resulting in an increase in revenue for most.

“Thirty-three percent of app developers and publishers allow video ads to run in their apps, an increase of five percentage points from the previous year. Sixteen percent enable native ads,” according to MM.

“From new app creation to new hires, developers and publishers around the world are citing ‘more’ as their 2015 goal,” said Matt Gillis, President of Platform at Millennial Media. “Our developer and publisher partners are recognizing the vast opportunities in supporting additional ad formats – such as video and native – and making inventory available through programmatic channels. This growing and healthy state of the app economy means significant benefits for advertisers. Brand advertisers are enjoying the availability of more high-quality inventory, and Direct Response advertisers have the opportunity to bridge messages across channels while obtaining high-value users.”