What Can Your Mobile Strategy Learn From Domino’s Digital Dominance?

If you haven’t been paying attention, perhaps you’ve overlooked that Domino’s is delivering a lot more than just pizza these days. Domino’s growing dominance in all forms of digital and mobile marketing is actually quite impressive.

Domino’s has utilized mobile technology and social media to drive foot traffic into its stores for a while now, with success on nearly all fronts. Through innovative campaigns using Foursquare, to going back to basics with SMS, Domino’s continues to leverage mobile to its advantage.

Two years ago, the popular pizza chain’s use of a Foursquare checkin and rewards campaign helped to boost revenue by 29%, or an extra $26 million in the UK. The campaign was unique in that it encouraged patrons to check-in at their locations, even though none of them offered dine-in services. Looked upon as a way to drive foot traffic into their locations, the promotion did drive pick-up orders and helped eliminate costs associated with delivery, as well as offer a viral effect when a user would check-in at a Domino’s location and all their friends would be exposed to the domino’s brand.

Though simple in nature, the low-cost campaign proved extremely effective. And it’s one of many such brilliant marketing lessons that stand to be learned from the emperor of pizza pies.

Similarly successful this year have been the company’s email promo codes which have inspired countless patrons to embrace digital ordering in its new Domino’s Dollars campaign.

“Some people still aren’t used to or haven’t tried yet the idea of ordering anything online let alone their dinner and pizza,” Domino’s spokesperson Chris Brandon recently told DMN in an interview. “What we’re trying to do is make sure that people are aware that we offer online ordering, and then we hope that they give it a shot because generally people that try it stick with it.”

“We launched online ordering just over five years ago, and it’s already making up over a third of total orders in the U.S.,” Brandon adds. “Obviously we still take orders over the phone and do carry out and the good old fashion ways. I think people really enjoy the experience it offers.”

Time and time again, Domino’s has succeeded in its online and mobile marketing efforts because it keeps simplicity and customer feedback at the center of its promotional and customer service objectives. Brandon, for example, says Domino’s might use additional emailed promo codes in the future. But that all depends on what consumers demand.

“It’s something that I think shows that we’re continuing to evolve within the digital space,” Brandon admits. “We’re excited as anyone else to see how it goes and how our customers and fans respond. If it’s something that they respond to well, we’ll figure out ways to continue doing it.”

How much of your digital and mobile marketing strategy is shaped by consumer or client feedback? Based on Domino’s ability to deliver the goods on digital, it’s obviously a research effort that pays off for business over time.