What Can We Learn About Security from Gmail’s Recent Update?

What Can We Learn About Security from Gmail’s Recent UpdateAs of last month, Gmail provided an update to all users ensuring that all images sent into a Gmail inbox would be automatically displayed in the email. While most users will not notice a real change in the way their emails display or the way they are received, there are some significant changes behind the scenes that have occurred. First of all, this allows Google to immediately cache the images in the email. This means that it can more easily scan and look for malware in the image.

In addition, Google has instituted a new policy, wherein, after opening a marketing email, that user’s IP address and device information are not relayed back to the marketer. This will make it more difficult for marketers to track consumers who use Gmail.

While some were concerned that the update would actually make email users more vulnerable to hackers and malicious emails, in practice, it has proved to combat hacking attempts, and make email safer for more users to open.

Those who have had their feathers ruffled by Google’s other tracking and reporting policies will be pleased that such tactics are not being employed when it comes to their inbox.