What Can Mobile Marketers Learn from Kim Kardashian?

What Can Mobile Marketers Learn from Kim KardashianOn the heels on new reports indicating that marketing courses at a host of well-known colleges and universities are beginning to incorporate marketing lessons from the Kardashians, a new eBook about the marketing prowess of Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian is all the rage in marketing circles today.

Adore them or deplore them, you can’t escape the Kardashians. From their hugely successful reality television programs to the massively successful products they endorse, the Kardashian clan has dominated pop culture as few families ever have or will again, the author says.

The Kardashian Effect” is a compelling, unauthorized, and first-of-its kind look at the Kardashian family, their rise to fame, and the marketing genius behind their multi-million dollar brand. A must read for fans, marketers, and entrepreneurs.

“The Kardashians are veritable mobile and social media machines,” says Michael Wiser, the scribe behind the new ebook. “Any time you log in to Facebook or Twitter, they’ve got something to say, and it is plastered all over their supportive media outlets. But unlike other celebrities, the Kardashians have no problem connecting with their fans through these outlets.”

According to Wiser, mobile marketers can learn much from the branding genius of the Kardashians, especially with the proficiency they’ve shown for innovation, messaging relevance, and relatability.

“The Kardashians are chided for not being a bastion of perceptible talents,” Wiser says, “but their marketing machine is enviable. And there’s a lot of talent and intelligence behind anything that generates tens of millions of dollars annually across various mediums.”

They understand that their fame is built on the backs of their fans. It isn’t the entire world that is buying and using their products, it is the people that love them the most. So they love them back. They connect with them online, they answer their questions, they are more than open with the people who have given them such great success.

Wiser says that marketers and advertisers of all varieties should follow the brilliant marketing lessons set by the Kardashians (and presented in his new book titled “The Kardashian Effect”).

The Kardashian Effect is available now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.