What Are The Keys to Mobile Shopper Adoption?

What Are The Keys to Mobile Shopper AdoptionOn Tuesday, researchers at Catalina published the findings of their latest study which probes the driving forces behind mobile shopping.

The digital media company found that what shoppers really want in a mobile commerce experience is very simple: to save time and money without any extra hassle.

Getting Smart About Today’s Mobile Savvy Shopper” is based on a nationwide survey that identified 1,000 smartphone owners who are the primary grocery shoppers within their households.

While early iterations of in-store mobile shopping apps had the potential to revolutionize retail, the next wave of shopper-first technology will accelerate adoption by providing content that is highly relevant to the shopper.

“In the past, mobile commerce simply took analog and digital content and put it on a smartphone. This approach didn’t work, as shoppers wanted an experience that leveraged the power of mobile. Now that we’re moving to ‘Mobile 2.0,’ CPG retailers need to deliver an application that can translate a shopper’s preferences into relevant content that will enhance their experience by saving them time and money on items they actually want,” explains Todd Morris, EVP of corporate development and marketing at Catalina. “To achieve this, retailers and brands must combine feature-rich shopping applications with an understanding of shopper preferences, purchase history and more.”

The results of this study demonstrate why retailers should act soon. Study data shows that two-thirds of primary household shoppers who own smartphones have already used their mobile devices on a shopping trip.