We’re All Chauncey Gardner Now: Animoto Survey Shows Consumers Like to Watch Rather Than Read

We're All Chauncey Gardner Now Animoto Survey Shows Consumers Like to Watch Rather Than ReadWhat do consumers want when they research products online? Well, they’re a bit like Chauncey Gardner in the prescient film “Being There.”

According to a recent Animoto survey, that’d be video. In fact, four times as many consumers would rather watch videos about products than read about them.

Animoto’s new survey results document the evolution and growth of video marketing. Its online Video Marketing Study surveyed 1,051 U.S. consumers about their preferences.

“According to eMarketer, video advertising is expected to hit $7.8 billion this year,” reads a provided statement. “Whereas only 14 percent of consumers remember the last display ad they’ve seen, 80 percent can recall the video ads they’ve watched online in the last week.”

“The growth of online video marketing in recent years has been tremendous,” said Brad Jefferson, CEO of Animoto. “Today, there are more than 7 billion videos watched every day on Facebook and YouTube. Historically, in order to create and distribute high-quality video to your customers it was cost-prohibitive for all but the largest brands.” Today?

Now “tools and platforms ensure that small and medium businesses can reach their audiences where they hang out online. This represents one of the biggest marketing opportunities for small businesses in a long time,” added Jefferson.

Businesses with video marketing strategies have an elevated brand perception, according to the data. That’s because 63 percent of consumers say companies that use video know how to reach their customers; another quarter of people lose interest in a company if it doesn’t use video, and fully 56 percent of consumers believe that if a company has a website, it should have video.

The study also documents that video also gives a lift to email marketing campaigns as well as boosts social media engagement.